Acting for Young People
Classes held Saturday mornings: 11am to 12noon
Ages 5-9
Registration Fee: $120; Registration Dates: Saturday, February 9 and 16, 2019 at 11:00 a.m.
Performance will be in May 2019.

This course is designed for first timers, aged 5 – 9. The goal of the course is to acclimate young actors to performing in front of an audience. To accomplish this, we work at stretching the young actor’s ability to focus over an extended period of time. Pantomime and puppetry play a significant part in this. We also stress creative dramatics, poetry, and vocal technique. All of it coming under the heading of FUN. The class meets on Saturday mornings for a modest fee of $120. The class will perform in the Rebeca Sosa Theater. We can accommodate children younger than five, but they must be accompanied by a parent during class.

Acting for the Stage
Classes held Saturday afternoons, starting at 1pm
Ages 9 and Up!
Registration Fee: $120; Registration Dates: Saturday, February 9 and 16, 2019 at 1:00 p.m.
Performances will be in May 2019.

This is our main stage acting class that culminates in the 2018 Pelican Playhouse Summer Recital. It is the hallmark of the Pelican Playhouse that we present our family oriented productions using both adults and children on stage together. Very often, parents and their children appear together in the same production. We have always believed that real growth in acting only occurs during a live performance. We start with the basics, work on vocal technique, stage presence, and improvisation. For the summer, the actors settle in and select performance pieces. The remainder of the weeks is spent in rehearsal.

The class culminates with two performances on one weekend: Saturday night at 7:30pm and Sunday matinee at 2pm.

Our playhouse is unique in that we hold classes instead of auditions for our main stage productions during the year. We are a teaching theater and invite everyone to participate, no matter their background in acting. On rare occasions we will select a play and “cast” accordingly, but the majority of our main stage productions are performed from our Acting for the Stage Class.